Sunday, October 21, 2012


I love to hike.  I love being out in nature.  Yesterday I lead the hike for work's healthy challenge.  It was cloud covered when we started at 9AM but the sun soon broke through and we were hiking in beautiful 60 degree autumn weather.  Youngest joined me while the boys stayed home and power washed the house (hey my rail is white not green).

Two people showed up from work.  It turned out great.  They are both nature lovers and we walked and talked and spotted critters, birds and foliage.  The prehike took my family 2 hours and 10 minutes this time almost 4.  I liked this pace much better.

Youngest was a little bit not into the hike but once on the path loved it.  At one point she wanted to turn back.  No!  Once at the Indian caves she wanted to spend the rest of the day.  The view and peace were amazing.  The colors were past peak but that's OK.  Dragonflies were everywhere and one kept landing on youngest.

When we got back I planted all the new plants my mom gave me.  She's cleaning out her yard and I received butterfly bushes, cone flowers and unidentified bulbs.  I planted the mum I received for my birthday and discovered a rose bush in full bud and bloom.  How cool for near the end of October.

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