Saturday, September 29, 2012

Diva Tomboy

My little girl is now a freshman and things are changing.  For the past few years she has strived for everything boy like (in her eyes) hair, clothing, interests.  And after wearing dresses forever refused to even come near one.  This summer she started looking at jewelry and picked up some new bracelets and necklaces.  As much as she likes earrings she decided they hurt too much.

{ Earring story - bio pierced both the girls ears at home when they were infants.  Oldest was into the jewelry from a young age - youngest was not.  Youngest always wore kid safety earrings and at one point wanted them off.  Before bio moved away she insisted that youngest wear earrings and gave her a cheap pair of bows to wear.  They soon started bugging her and she kept pinching her ears.  I didn't realize how much they were bothering her until one night.  She woke me up to say her ears hurt.  She had pinched so much the backings were inside her earlobes.  I'm not sure who was in more pain her or me as I used the tweezers to retrieve the backings.  Since then she hasn't been able to wear any earrings and it's been almost four years.}

Last time we went for hair cuts she asked if she could have red highlights.  I know red is a very difficult color to look natural and to last for any length of time.  As I come from a long lineage of redheads for a while I tried to follow suit.  It cost a small fortune even though I loved the look.  I had Stephanie, our hair dresser explain what was involved, how often she would have to come back and how much it would cost.  I then explained on the way home what she could do to earn the money for her new look.  She decided against it.

Yesterday we headed to see Stephanie again. Something about going to get our hair done is like truth serum for youngest.  On the way there she explained that life was great but she wanted a boyfriend.  We spent the rest of the ride talking about what she expected and wanted from a boyfriend and what type of girlfriend she would be.  When I sat down in the chair to go first she asked if she could dye her hair.  A little expensive I said.  Well, we could get a box at the store (this is what bio does and can I tell you how much money I spent fixing oldest's day glow orange mistake).  Uh, no!!!!   Stephanie explained that it would cost more to fix the box dye job than having it done correctly.  I didn't have to mention bio and oldest and orange hair though I did gently remind her of it later.  I want to go blond she said.  Stephanie then said she definitely didn't want to get that out of a box.  How about a few highlights I suggested.  Stephanie piped in that she could frame her face and it would look great.  That worked for youngest and I made an appointment to go back in a couple weeks.

So, then we stopped at Ulta (the make up store) on the way back.  I had a coupon and they sell the shampoo that works great on youngest's hair.  As we walked around looking at eye make up because I wanted some fresh stuff for my outing tonight she saw a case that comes complete with lip, eye and face products.  Can I have this?  You want to wear make up I asked.  Yup.  So after asking a few questions and thinking about it (and seeing that it wasn't very pricey) and remembering that I was experimenting with make up at that age I bought it.  I got a thank you and an I love you out of the deal. 

Hubby is sleeping as it is the middle of his work week.  Son is off to help the recruiter clean his office or something.  I think we'll have a little spa day.  Some facials and foot rubs.  I'll paint her nails with the polish she talked me into last outing and I'll show her some basic make up tips.

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