Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ordered In before the hike

When our new governor was elected there was a big issue with the state workers and many people lost their jobs.  The state police which has a mandated minimum number of employees has been working below that for years now lost a few.  They called them back later but most had already found new jobs.  Other states quickly snatched up newly trained recruits and saved themselves a bundle.  I realize that some over time is more cost effective than hiring an employee - you save on pay and benefits.  But at what point is that no longer cost effective?  Hubby could work double shifts every day.  Heck, he could work 24/7 if he wanted to.  We are called daily to fill shifts.  He's worked two of his three days off and just turned down another shift.  At one point when everyone is burnt out and refuses to work they start ordering people in to fill the shifts.  Hubby was ordered in yesterday.  He has 20 years on the job and that means they had already worked their way through those with less seniority.  This is only the second time in ten years that he has been ordered in but, he as well as his co-workers have been told to expect it on a more frequent basis.

The call came in as we were leaving for our hike.  We had time to complete the 4.4 miles but we hustled the last hour.  I'm leading a hike for work in October and knowing the level some are at, the knee issues and that a few bring their young grandchildren I wanted to preplan the hike.  (Gosh I've been in the fire department too long)  We walked to the Indians caves along the tunxis trail.  It was a beautiful hike.  There are some really old trees along the trail and I stopped and blessed them.  The smells were amazing.  You could tell the change in the path blindfolded.  The pine forest, the hardwoods, the field of ferns.....Son is great at finding critters along the way.  We stopped to inspect spider webs, millipedes, a garter snake and birds. 

The trail brought us out on top of the caves.  Having been to the caves via a  shorter route in the past we headed back so hubby could be to work on time.  25 feet from the end of the trail youngest gave up.  She laid down a big rock to rest.  Son asked if she was dead could we leave her behind.  I told him yes but, he couldn't touch her.  He usually hates having his picture taken but, he was thrilled with this shot.
Gotta love brothers.  And son is so like mine it frightens me.  I then handed the camera to youngest for her view of the world.

Pretty cool!

Hubby went to work.  Son went to a party.  Youngest and I hung out at home. 

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