Friday, September 21, 2012

Long Week

I woke Tuesday with a slight fever and went to work any way.  I had a meeting in the other building and when I came back to my office the wind and rain were so strong that what wasn't covered by my raincoat was soaked to the skin.  I finished up what I had to and went home crawled in bed and let hubby worry about dinner.

He left the next morning to see oldest graduate from AIT at Fort Leonard Wood as an MP.  He made it  in time to have lunch with her, bio and LHNB.  BIO and LHNB rode in one car and hubby and oldest in his so they had some one on one time.  When he arrived she ran across the parking lot, jumped in his arms with tears in her eyes. He said that was worth it.  They had the afternoon and graduation the next morning before she shipped out.  He's on his way home tonight.

Last night was open house at the high school and I had every intention of going but....  it was from 7 to 9.  I was sound asleep by 7:20.  I feel much better today.  Maybe it's the sleep or the chiropractor or maybe the spa appointment.  Nothing like a massage and pedicure to do the body good.  While I was there the receptionist told me to check my e-mails for a special offer through living social.  Yeah, a massage, facial and paraffin hand treatment for a few dollars more than I usually pay for a massage.  I could only buy one offer and one gift.  I'm thinking my diva tomboy might enjoy that stuffed in her stocking.

She came home from school yesterday and asked if she could join the art club.  She wasn't able to get into the intro to art class which she needs to take any art classes but the teacher told her about the art club.  I'm off on Mondays when she would need a ride so it works out perfectly.

High school is going great for her.  She's even made a few friends.  Wohoo!

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