Monday, September 24, 2012


And I'm not a pirate.  Because bio saw hubby this week and she now has someone home to make phone calls for her bio remembered she has more kids and called the house.  I should say oldest called the house and handed the phone to bio.  Son rolled his eyes and left for work.  Youngest talked to her mom.  She hung up in tears, hating school and us.

Bio promised to send youngest a present for her sixth grade promotion (never came) this year she promised to send her a gift card for her promotion from 8th grade.  It has never arrived.  She keeps telling her she hasn't sent it yet.  Yesterday she told her she sent it and hubby and I must have stole it. 

Youngest told her how bored she was here.  We had just arrived home from hiking. She also told her she hates school and can't take art.  She loved school on Friday.

Bio told her that she can't see her because of the court system.

Bio told her she could have a dog if she lived with her and that daddy & Kim are...... because we won't get a new dog.

I was out shopping with a girlfriend and came home to hubby a tad bit upset.

So..................  hubby started the ball rolling by asking youngest who gets the mail each day.  Me and son.  So, how could we steal it?  Have you ever not received your mail?  No.  Not to bash your mom but, does that make sense?

As he briefed me he was headed to the fire pit because youngest wanted a fire.  The two headed off to get it started and I surveyed what was for supper.  I then headed to the pit and in my best whining voice said, " daddy, I'm so bored you never take me hiking or to the go carts or on vacation or nothin'. "  Youngest smiled and said she wasn't bored.  Really, that's not what you told your mom.  "I'm just blowing smoke she says."

I checked your grades and you're doing awesome.  I also e-mailed your teacher to see if we can do anything about art for the spring.  And, you start the art club tomorrow. 

At dinner we explained once again why we are not getting a new dog.  Well, the reason hubby sticks with.  That if we had a dog we wouldn't be able to travel or go away for a full day without trying to find a sitter.  Do you like going on vacation?   The reasons we didn't mention as it that even though I like dogs I hate being a dog owner.  It was hubby's dog.  Sammy came with him, the four kids and the psychotic ex-wife.  I ended it up with most of the dog duties - feeding, letting out, nursing duties, etc.  The rest could say they own a dog.  Oh, and the tumbleweeds of fur that no one seemed to notice but me.  Sammy shed a new dog daily.  Sammy was a good dog and I do miss her but....I'm not ready for that type of commitment.

I asked if I needed to file a complaint with the post office.  After all her card was stolen.  She thought for a minute and said, "I get my Christmas presents and birthday cards."  Yes, and I would love nothing more than for you to get a gift from your mom.  It breaks my heart when she promises you things and doesn't deliver, I told her. 

Why does she say anything?  Congratulations over the phone would be enough.  Why say you'll send a gift and never do?  Then say we stole it.  Oh wait, because she stole her son's gift card from his grandmother.  MIL had sent one to oldest son for Christmas.  It never arrived.  She talked to the people at Walmart, they traced it and pulled up the video of the woman using it.  She had enough money to fly and see oldest graduate but can't send a card to youngest. 

And youngest is not stupid or quiet.  She questions her mother on everything and youngest forgets nothing.  It leaves bio scrambling for a new lie and youngest calls her on the carpet for it.

And the court thing - all bio has to do is come back to CT and file to have the restraining order lifted.  She has no intention of doing that.  It's much more convenient for bio to blame us for not visiting. 

And that is my vent for the day.

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