Monday, September 17, 2012

Still in my pajamas

and it's early afternoon.   I really do plan to shower soon and start making supper.  There has been some illness in the family and I'm not sure if I have something or I'm  fighting not to have something or I'm just really tired.  And tired in more ways than I need a little sleep.

Youngest started with some sniffles when the weather turned.  She took my elderberry tincture (a new concoction) skipped her fire department meeting and snuggled in.  She was soon over it.  Son started and pushed himself.  When he felt really yucky he went to PT with the Marine recruiter for a few hours and wondered why he couldn't breath the rest of the week end.  I arrived home late last night from Vermont and hubby was taking him to the ER.  Acute bronchitis.  And much to his dismay I kept him home from school, made him tea and took his pulses (more about that in a minute).  Hubby has a sinus thing going on and falls somewhere between son and youngest on the self care spectrum. 

I got home last night exhausted.  I slept in yesterday morning and missed the hike.  If class wasn't so good I would have run back to the camper and curled up for a long nap.  So this morning I've been puttering and pampering myself.  Laundry is done, minutes typed for the fire district, elderberry syrup made and chicken soup in the works for dinner. 

Kate Gilday of Woodland Essences taught class this week end.  She is a gracious, hope filled, light filled woman.  She is a deep listener and a keeper of stories.  She taught about cancer and lyme.  She also taught about reading pulses.  Since class began in May we were supposed to be taking pulses and see what we could find.  Take notes and such.  I did some reading on the subject and could see differences in different people.  But Kate is amazing and she took time after class to show us the Aryvadic understanding of the pulse.  There are six pulse readings in each wrist. And when she was done and I had practiced it made sense.  I could feel all 12 pulses. WOW!!!

I received a heart warming report from a woman at class that taught felting to youngest at the WHC.  And then I mentioned to one of my classmates what a love her daughter is.  At the WHC her  6 y/o daughter was full of hugs and smiles for me.  She cuddled right up as her mom took a picture.  And I was told her daughter only did that with me. That made my heart smile.  M said she must have sensed the good mother in me.  She sent me a copy of the picture. 

I have time left to take at work and I'm hoping my boss will let me take an October vacation.  The kids have a few days.  Hubby's days off overlap with the kids.  It could be a fun fall family week.

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