Saturday, September 1, 2012

The last of summer vacation

Tuesday the kids went back to school.  They were ready.  I was in no hurry.  This summer flew by.  It was jam packed with travel and activities. 

We ended the last week of vacation on an up note. The Monday prior youngest and I did a little girly shopping and hit the movies.  We saw The Odd Life of Timothy Green. It was sad and sweet.  And I never buy popcorn and treats but this time said what the heck.  We got the tub of popcorn and two soda combo.  And after paying more than I did for the two movie passes settled in to munch and watch.  A tub will feed a small third world country by the way.  Youngest was over the moon.  Tuesday hubby took her out and they hit the go carts and mini golf. Son is past the age of wanting to spend time with us and his little sister.

The week end youngest and I went to the 25th New England Women's Herbal Conference and hubby and son had their annual manly man week end.  The conference was amazing.  We had great weather. We arrived a little early and set up our tent in no time (a first try with just two of us).  We registered and bought our pick of t-shirts before having a picnic lunch.  Youngest had us first row for opening circle and it went from there.

And what a difference a year makes.  Last year youngest clung to me.  I had to eat with her and bring her back to the tent early and stay.  She didn't hang with any of the girls.  This year she did her own thing.  She made some friends and hung out during free time and night time activities.  Her clothing style is taking on a new twist - she cares.  But, it really is her own.  I love it.  I was able to spend Saturday afternoon on the porch talking with a new friend.  I would get glimpses of youngest and it warmed my heart. 

A labyrinth was set up this year.  And the path was lit at night by LED candle light.  I walked that and sat on the swings with a woman I don't see much of.  This was truly a recharging week end.

I took the first day of school off.  I took pictures much to my kids chagrin.  I made them breakfast which they really enjoyed. It is a streusel topped french toast.  You soak cinnamon bread with eggs and cream over night.  In the morning you make the streusel topping and bake it.  The house smelled amazing.  Dinner was chicken corn chowder and peanut butter cup brownies. 

I had breakfast with a girlfriend for her birthday.  I then puttered joyfully in the kitchen the rest of the day. I started by cleaning the fridge. Then I processed the corn; some of which became soup - the rest frozen for winter.  I blanched and shelled the edamame.  I fried the variety of peppers and froze for later use.  I turned the cabbage into a filling for pork pie later in the week.  I made the brownies - a gooey confection made with bittersweet chocolate so they were not too sweet baked in a muffin tin and topped with a peanut butter frosting. 

This week end we have NOTHING planned.  I'm a little stumped.  And hubby is home and has turned down overtime to see me.  It seems like forever.  Though we did go for a date night dinner before I left last week end.  It was youngest's idea.  Hubby and I were joking at dinner the night before that we had no meetings and could spend a little time together.  Youngest turned to her dad and said, "I can stay home alone.  You should take Kim out to dinner."  When hubby asked if she was trying to get rid of us she rolled her eyes and said, "no, I'm trying to get you to be romantic."  I love that kid.

Any way, a hike is in the works to enjoy the amazing weather.  And I am blessed that 5 of my co-workers have agreed to fill out intake forms.  I'll be reviewing, researching and making recomendations. 

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