Sunday, August 19, 2012


Yesterday was the big family reunion on hubby's side.  The weather turned out beautiful.  His mom was thrilled because her goal was to at the very least get all of her mother's 10 grandchildren together.  That happened. Grandma who is really a great great grandma (but thinks that makes her sound old - like who cares at age 92) has four girls, 10 grandchildren, 28 great grandchildren and one great great grandchild.  A good number of the greats were there.  There was more than enough food.  This was the first I've met his cousin who now lives in London with his wife and two adorable little girls.  This was the first time most of the family met his wife and girls.  The girls are 9 and 6.  This is the entire crew that assembled.  I had suggested one of the out-laws take the picture and we settled on a girlfriend of one of the grandkids.

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Walk in the Woods said...

Sounds like it was a nice family celebration. :)