Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This N That

Happy 35th Birthday to Eye Candy!  Just had to say that.

Son has completed MEPS and been sworn in.  He reports to boot camp 7/8/13.  He's not to happy this week.  Hubby grounded him.  Curfew is 11 PM by our standards and state law.  He's been just squeaking in.  The other night he came in 10 minutes late.  Hubby took all driving privileges away except to and from work.  Next week he's off to the fire academy again.

Rolled in from vacation - cleaned, laundered and prepped for the week.  Three long days at work (12 hours with commute) plus board of directors meeting for the fire department.  Friday morning I leave once again for Vermont and my herbal studies.  Homework is done.  Lots of reading for this class; urinary tract and cardiovascular system.

What a perfect week to come back from vacation.  Our company is hosting their semi annual food show at the casino.  Most of my clients are there so the phone lines are quiet.  Most of the office is there so the office is quiet.  I've managed to get a lot done.

When son was trying to reach bio to sign paperwork for the military we went through all the phone numbers we had and they'd all been disconnected.  He eventually got her number through his grandmother.  Less than a month later and that phone is shut off.  She sent a facebook message to youngest with the newest number.  Let's see, the last three messages you sent went unanswered, she never has any posts maybe you'd think that's not the best way to contact your daughter.  Here's a novel idea - call her.  You have talked to her once since Christmas and that's because son reached out to you to sign papers.  And youngest's comment about still not receiving the gift you promised - "I wish she would stop telling me things she doesn't mean. I think she just doesn't care."

A week from Saturday is the big family reunion.  MIL is SO EXCITED!  She has put a lot of time and energy into it.  It kinda makes me sad that hubby really doesn't want to go.  He's annoyed he has to take time off from work and is worried he won't be home in time to march in the fireman's parade.  I can guarantee we will be.  It's their 150th anniversary and hubby is not going to miss that. 

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