Friday, August 17, 2012


We were gone on vacation for a week.  I came home did laundry and homework and prepped to leave again when my three days at work were through.  I was in Vermont for class all week end.  It was a good week end.  We were there early enough to stop for a nice lunch, we set the camper up in no time flat (we're trained well now) and just before the rain came, classes were good.  And we were out early on Sunday and stopped at the Baker's Supply Company for dinner.  Monday I did more laundry and grocery shopped.  I spent the evening in good company honoring Hecate - the Goddess of the crossroads.

I was rather relieved when I realized son needed to be dropped off on Tuesday at the fire academy and hubby would still be working.  That meant I needed to take him and I would need to take time off from work.  So after leaving him at the academy I came home and typed the minutes from the fire district board meeting and distributed them, finished laundry, filled in school medical forms in triplicate for each kid and took youngest up to the high school to find her locker and fill in with supplies.  And then I took a nap before making dinner. 

This week end we have hubby's family reunion, a 150th anniversary fire department parade (son will be there too with the academy) and son's graduation from the academy.  Next week end youngest and I are off to the women's herbal conference.  The boys will have manly man week end.  This involves steak, army navy stores, guns and Hooters.  Then school starts.

What a whirlwind summer.  I'm not fully grounded yet.  I'm working on it. 

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