Sunday, December 16, 2012


Yesterday I baked cookies.  My taste testers were at the ready.  They would run for ingredients in the pantry or at the store (thanks hubby) but no one wanted to help create.  A tray went to the Torrington Fire House.  A tray went with hubby to the Winsted Fire House - he was standing by with others so that Winsted could enjoy their holiday party. A box is filled and ready to be mailed to our nephew.  A tray is hidden away for our holiday celebration with my in-laws.  And the rest are for us to enjoy.  I make favorites and ones that ship well.  They are not uber fancy - I'm the only one who appreciates that - but they are pretty darn tasty if I do say so myself.  At least that is what my testers said.  Tough job they have.

Snickerdoodles (nephew's favorite)
Cowboy cookies
Molasses crinkles
Reese's pieces peanut butter (for Phil at TFD)
Mint Chocolate Chip
Spritz (my favorite - and they must be in the shape of a tree)

While waiting for trays to come out of the oven so I could fill new ones I made a batch of fudge.  This has been my bosses Christmas present for more than 8 years now.  She still loves it.  The batch makes enough to feed a small village so their is plenty to go around.

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