Monday, May 25, 2009


We were the first to arrive at mother and father-in-love's. We all pitched in and set up the few last minute items before everyone else arrived. Best count there were 35 of us. I spent some time talking to cousin's husband - he knows everything about everything - and my time with him earned brownie points as that means no one else has too. Great Grandma was in rare form - walking around, talking to everyone and positive. It was a refreshing change. She usually sits like a queen bee and repeats the same few negative speeches. But, at 89 she still lives alone and runs the farm.
The pies were a huge hit and greatly appreciated. I even remembered to use flour instead of cornstarch as a thickener so Aunt Weeza could have some. Corn in any form gives her migraines.
When I got there mother-in-love told me cousin had a girlfriend. He is the cute young cousin I call eyecandy (EC). Well, not to his face. LOL The new girlfriend has a daughter. His Mom, Aunt D, only excepts biological children - steps, adoptive, foster children are completely discounted. EC does not want children (wonder why). Aunt D thinks he should be married with children. His happiness is of no concern to her. I'm constantly defending him. As the in-law I can say things family just can't. He loves that. I said if he brought her I would run interference. He did not. Aunt D has not met her yet. She may never - even if the get married. Aunt D told him he should have a pre nup if he marries this girl so she does not get anything that should be EC's nieces. What???? Any way, I asked him about the new girlfriend. He sighed a big sigh of relief and we went off to talk out of ear shot of Aunt D. We talked for a really long time and he thanked me as I am one of the few people he can talk to who understands the entire dynamic of Aunt D, dating in your 30's and step parenting.
The kids had a great time with their cousins. And we didn't arrive home until well after youngest's bedtime.
Today we off to parades. Hubby took son and youngest to parade number one. Son is marching for the first time with the police explorers. If their is enough time he is going to try and make it to watch oldest and I march with the fire department.


annie kelleher said...

it sounds like a very interestng picnic! hope you have great fun at he parades... its a wonderful day for them!

Martha said...

Aunt D has serious issues that probably have to do with an adopted child getting more love, attention, dolls than she did when she was little. It's amazing if you peel back the layers how much B.S. people put out there is because they are scared little children.
Pies sound delish. You are a true and kind friend, Kim, glad to have met you.