Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lazy Sunday Morning

Breakfast is ready - just waiting for the kids to come down stairs. I made a batch of sausage gravy and cheddar biscuits. Mmm!

The dakini workshop was amazing. I have a lot of reading to do. I kept writing down book titles that were mentioned.

I went to a friends 40th birthday party last night. It was good to see old friends - I'm talking people I've known all if not most of my life. I still ponder why birthdays call for gag gifts or a trip to the local sex store to buy toys. I'm so glad hubby did not have a 40th birthday party for me. Maybe because I threatened divorce. We did discuss having a get together with friends as his birthday falls just 27 days after mine but our hearts just weren't in it.

Youngest has not talked to bio in three weeks. The last conversation led to a melt down at school. It may be just as long for son. Oldest has called her once in that time. Bio does not make phone calls that often. Yeah! The kids do so much better with less contact. I'm glad their is less contact but, a part of me is sad. How can a mother inflict that much abuse on their own child? How can you leave your children? How, how, how? I get it on one level but so don't get it on another. I didn't birth these amazing creatures and I could never imagine losing custody and moving away.

Today is a hike with the Girl Scouts - rain or shine. It looks like rain. I'm so NOT excited. On Thursday I went to lunch with my Mom. I mentioned I was an adult GS much longer than I was as a kid. She laughed and said how much I hated it and wanted to be a boy scout. I'm there as long as youngest wants to be. I will not be the least bit upset when she says she has had enough. The things we do for our kids.

I just received my confirmation back from the Women's Herb Fest. Oldest and I are both going again. YEAH!!!!!!

Oldest wants to go to the fire academy this year for training. They do a four day class for the explorers. They stay in dorms the whole time. The explorer post will pay. That is in July. She is also looking for a summer job. Her whole summer is booked up in CT. Hmm, so much for Arizona. I think all the kids realize at this point that there will be no trip to visit bio. She has no job, no place of her own, no money and has not filed any paperwork with the court. The kids are moving on with their lives and making plans. And they are so much more relaxed and happy.

And that is where I'm at this morning.


Lynette said...

i am so glad you are there for these children to be the mom they want and need my own daughter loves her step dad and feels he is the one to turn to for real help her bio dad was a great daddy but not good on giving direction and she sees that

Kathy said...

I am glad the kids are moving on. It is hard to understand a mother who would leave her kids and try to poison them on the way out, but maybe there comes a time when you have to rein in your empathy. Save it for your kids and don't try to understand her. I think I'm talking to myself maybe more than to you. I think you are so well grounded that you know this.

Laura Rose said...

I seem to have a different definition of "lazy"!!! LOL

annie kelleher said...

you are such an amazing mom! im glad that things are easing up for all the kids with the influence of bio minimized!

Ann said...

Your blog is awesome..I am going to follow it.

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