Sunday, May 3, 2009


The pulled pork was really good. We have plenty left over and have decided to have it tomorrow night over pasta. Tonight we are having an appetizer party. It's just us but it breaks up the routine a little bit and the kids enjoy it.

Hubby is off to his rope rescue class. Oldest is at her last driver's ed class and I am off to temple soon. Hubby and son are going target shooting this afternoon and I will take the girls to Michael's for picture frames and crafts and then maybe to the book store.

I even suggested the kids do something for bio for mother's day. I have some pretty blank note cards they can make into a card. I said the could make a poster that says happy mother's day and I will snap a picture of them holding it. That will be bio's present. Youngest made a wheelbarrow planter at home depot. It has Happy Mother's Day stickers on the side and came with a marigold. Guess who received that? That would be me, I say with a huge smile. Bio calls less and less and I think the kids enjoy it that way.

Last night son and hubby looked up the rifle bio claims to have purchased. It is a cheap model with horrible reviews and a tendency to jam or blow up in your face. Son read the reviews and said, "I guess mom bought a piece of crap." He will call her on the carpet about it to. I don't think she really bought it. I think she saw it at Walmart and used the name to impress son. Son is far smarter than that.


Kathy said...

happy mother's day early!

Martha said...

I am so happy you got a nice gift from youngest, so sweet! Yes, Son is a smart cookie, good for him!!

annie kelleher said...

wow lets nto hope that happens to bio!!! sounds like a delightful spring day at your house :).

Laura Rose said...

what a great gift!

Darcy said...

She calls less and less? AWESOME! Sounds like it's sooooo much better around the house when she isn't involved.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

BTW...the sugar scrub ROCKS! Haven't tried the soap yet, although I'm getting impatient. I'm waiting a bit longer like you said. I'll use up my coconut wash first.