Thursday, May 7, 2009

Two in a row

I was going to go to work today but.... When we called mother-in-love for her birthday last night she asked if she could bring me my mother's day gift and visit. That was enough of an arm twisting. She brought a beautiful card and a black eyed susan vine for my garden. My hubby said he didn't buy her a gift but she was free to dig up anything she wanted from my garden. And that we did. I have several things that have spread or divided and we filled a bucket for her to take home.

And more checked off my to do list. House vacuumed, bathroom cleaned, one kitchen cabinet cleaned out, grocery shopping done, tortellini salad dropped off for teacher's appreciation lunch, fruit cleaned and prepped and ready to eat. Supper is prepped and laundry put away. I also worked on bank reconciliations for pay. I can actually relax this week end. How about that.

Tuesday was Cinco de Mayo and we celebrated with tacos, Mexican rice and refried beans.

And I should probably get off the computer as the thunder sounds like it is fast approaching.


Martha said...

Nothing worse like a shock from Ye Olde Computer!
Happy Mother's Day, Kim!!

Darcy said...

You get so much done in one day. How do you find the energy??

No need to have Steph save dandelions. We've got PLENTY throughout that huge backyard....but thanks!

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday. 79 Degrees! "put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up!"