Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Greatest Hubby

I have the best Hubby in the world. This morning he came home from work and brought me coffee - decaf. And on top of the lids was a hand written message. If the picture isn't clear enough it says, "I love you (heart symbol)!

Oldest ordered her class ring this week. She was so excited. She got a symbol for the fire department on one side and the symbol for Capricorn on the other. Hmm, sounds like a girl wanting to switch schools. Hubby took her down to the boat house today to apply for a summer job and this afternoon they go look at a car for her to buy.

Apparently the job bio has won't start until they complete the new jail. They are just pouring cement now. And, she will be working in the kitchen not as a guard. I'm not sure what qualifies her for kitchen duty - making a mean batch of ramen noodles in the microwave is her specialty.

Son is making pulled pork sandwiches for supper. The pork is simmering on the stove and it smells heavenly. It was supposed to go in the crock pot but the piece of pork was way to big for that.

Hubby took youngest to Home Depot this morning. The first Saturday of each month they have a free project for kids to make. They also receive an orange apron and a pin each time they go. She loved one on one daddy time. While they were gone I vacuumed, started laundry and steam cleaned the shower.

I have been really busy at work. I love it. The day just flies by and adding an extra day really helps at bill paying time. Besides spending time with the kids I went part time because I was so bored. I don't mind being there if I have something to do.

And, pop,pop,pop.... the flowers are just bursting forth. The yard is covered in violets and dandelions. I even found a new patch of colt's foot (Tussilago farfara) blooming in my back bed. Trillium is blooming and leaves have pushed forth on trees. Last week end the kids helped me move the day lilies, bearded iris and Siberian iris to there new homes.

And I finished reading Lessons in Becoming Myself by Ellen Burstyn. I really enjoyed it. And now, I have a list of movies I'd like to see.


Martha said...

Your Hubby is So Sweet. I'm glad all is well and you are enjoying work and your family, garden too!

Lynette said...

your dear hubby is great he brings you coffee, leaves you love notes, and takes his kids for one on one time.

you sound like you have a winner

and i am up for the pulled pork too!

Darcy said...

I have a list too. Let me know if any of mine are on yours....

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
Bride Wars
Definitely Maybe
Amelia (coming out this fall)

annie kelleher said...

you do have a sweetheart of a hubby!! :)

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