Friday, May 29, 2009

Where did the week go?

The parade was good. Hubby took pictures of son marching. It feels so good to see people come out to watch the parades. I like the memorial day parade the best. Everyone waving American flags and taking their hats off for the color guard. I am blessed to be in such a country. I give thanks for all those who have sacrificed their lives. And I pray that no one else has to die to ensure my freedom.

My boss is on vacation. I completed her short to do list as well as mine. After working a month of four day weeks I am caught up. I have gone over all the accounts I took over when my co-worker was fired. They are cleaned up and running smoothly. All the paper on my desk has been dealt with and filed. I am back to waiting for my clients to send me paperwork to complete. My goal was to have it done by the end of the school year. I don't want to work extra time when I can be at the beach with the kids.

Today I am off to the dude ranch with youngest and the Girl Scouts. We will have good weather and I good time. We will, we will, we will.... If I keep saying that we will. I have been to the dude ranch before with oldest. The food is good. The activities are amusing for the age group. The parents were bored out of their minds. It rained last time and that did not help. Oldest also got her period for the very first time on the way to the dude ranch. She was crampy and out of sorts all week end. And as a reward I booked my time at the spa for Monday. A massage and pedicure should erase any lingering yuk. And thank the Goddess I only have two girls and NEVER have to do this again.

Today is mother and father-in-love's 44th wedding anniversary. They are celebrating by watching oldest and son for the week end. Hubby works all week end. I made a bag up with homemade soap (my mother-in-law is my biggest soap fan) and sugar scrub. I will bake a cake later. I found a new recipe for a butter almond cake.

Today will be errand day - packing, cleaning, baking and banking. Hubby is off today so I get to see him before I leave. Yeah!

Have a good week end everyone!

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