Saturday, May 23, 2009

Turkey Dinner

I had a turkey in the freezer and with the chill in the air last week took it out to thaw. So, last night we had a mini thanksgiving dinner. Of course now the weather is nice and warm. Yeah! Let's see there was turkey, sausage dressing, mashed potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole and gravy. The kids helped pick the menu. And for dessert homemade vanilla ice cream with chocolate peanut butter sauce. Everyone was told they could invite a friend. Either no one could make it or they were busy except for Hubby's friend. He's young and single and doesn't cook much. He was thrilled and must have thanked me a dozen times. And then I pulled out a container for him to fix for later. I found if you save the Chinese take out containers they make great containers for bachelors who never return your good Tupperware.

Tomorrow is the big family picnic at mother and father-in-love's. They provide the meat and everyone brings a dish. The first year I made a rhubarb pie with the rhubarb from my garden. It was a huge hit and is now my dish. One year I brought a cherry pie as that is father-in-love's favorite. I had some very disappointed people that the rhubarb pie did not arrive. Last year I made one of each. When I talked to mother-in-love she asked what I was bringing. I laughed and said I thought I had to bring a rhubarb pie. She laughed and said I could bring anything I wanted but several people did ask if I was coming and bringing my pie including hubby's grandmother. The grocery store had cherries on sale so I will be making both again. Hubby says his dad likes me better than him because I cook for him. Hmmm, maybe!?


annie kelleher said...

happy memorial day!!! your dinner sounds wonderful!!! have fun at the picnic!

hey the word verification is unded... i would expect severalrelatives from the other side to be visiting with you all today ;)

Laura Rose said...

it is the way to a man's heart...i've heard it said...

Martha said...

Sounds delish and Cherry AND Rhubarb PIE?!? Wow, how lucky!
Happy Memorial Day to you and the family.

Lynette said...

i am so wanting to join in to that meal

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