Thursday, April 23, 2009

Heat, Pasta and Gym

Work just flies by when you are busy. I will put in a full four days this week. The extra cash in the paycheck will be nice. I work in an old building. They can not regulate the heat at all. Thank Goddess for twin sets - I wear them all winter. It is cold getting there and then I spend the day in a perpetual hot flash. The past week it has been over 80 in the office. When you are on a computer with no ventilation or window in sight over 80 is way to hot. My work attire is getting sexier as I wear as little as possible and still attempt to look business like.

Last night the police explorers had a pasta dinner. Son was there from set up to clean up. My parents joined us for dinner. It was good and it looks like they had a good turn out.

Report cards came home for oldest and son. Oldest had all A's except for algebra and that was a C+. Son's report card was all over the board. But, the thing that gets me is he Failed gym. He refuses to bring his sneakers in because he doesn't like what they are doing in gym class. Who does? Get over it. It is a required class. A fluff class as far as I am concerned and an easy way to raise your GPA. I will be suggesting to Hubby that his punishment be handing over all of his shoes except his sneakers. That way there will be no excuses. And the combat boots can collect dust other than when he has to wear his uniform for explorers. This for him will be a punishment worse than death. An F, in gym. Duh!!!


Martha said...

Gym is the one class our oldest son always gets a "A" in, algebra is a challenge.
Can you bring in a little fan to help with your office?

Darcy said...

Brandi failed gym as well....but she failed everything else along with it. No punishments....which is why she continued to fail....hmmmm...maybe a pattern here! Your punishment sounds FABULOUS! Just the ticket! You were born to be a MOM. I'm living vicariously through you now. You're doing all the stuff I wanted to do and WISH I could have done. I'm curious to see if I was right! LOL!