Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuesday head spin

All my work accounts are starting to come together. I went down the check list I make myself to see where I stand and I'm pretty good. I think I even have a handle on the new accounts. But, I'm working at breakneck speed and only taking a few minutes for lunch. By the end of the day after dabbling with each of the fourteen accounts at some point my head was spinning. Someone would ask me a question and I had to stop and really put effort into listening and comprehending. Heck, during a conference call I even explained (politely, believe it or not) that he is paying us to use or services that maybe he should use them properly. Garbage in, garbage out. He agreed and wanted me to send him directly a list of instructions. Usually he defers to his bookkeeper. Nice woman but is the main part of the problem. I hope he follows through. It drives me crazy sending him financials I know are not accurate.

I shopped on the way home for stuff for the goodie bags for the birthday party. Youngest helped me put them together. She is so excited. Hubby gets off work this morning and his three days off roll into our vacation. He agreed to make the birthday cake. That will help as oldest and I have a meeting at the fire house. He is also picking up the last of the Easter presents. The bunny brings one really good chocolate bunny and books and music. I still have Halloween candy I need to toss.

Work, meeting, work, birthday party and then Friday afternoon a massage and pedicure. That appointment will help me get through the sleep over. And then vacation. Ahh!


Lynette said...

you know girl at the breakneck speed of your life lately, you need a bubble bath and a glass of wine. whew, you tire me out! your doing a great job of all the chores, job and kids. just make some time for you too! I will eat a piece of chocolate just for you.....hope you like the way it taste....I will!

tarabu said...

Oh, sigh, I cannot imagine having a day job and that many kids!

By the way, I like the new layout/theme.

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