Wednesday, April 22, 2009


First Monday night was the fire department monthly meeting. They went through the strategic five year plan. And then we had our carnival meeting. I thought I would never get out of there. But oldest and I were soon on a way to a friend's house to drop off gift bags and taste some really yummy food.

Then last night - OMG - Girl Scout meeting. My leader couldn't make the leader meeting. I said I would go. So did another Mom. We were both stuck there. It started with a game involving a hula hoop. Need I say more. No one really takes charge of the meeting, the talk goes round and round and very little is settled. After two hours we got up and that finally ended the meeting. Oh my, oh my, oh my - if I had to attend these meetings every time I would freak out. And they go on and on about the end of year ceremony like it is a pleasure to be there. Parents go to see there kid (it is some unwritten rule about supporting the munchkin). Any more than 30 seconds of their kid on stage is pure torture and now you get to bring the kid's siblings along. Joy of all joys. I did put my two cents in about keeping it short and sweet. Did I mention it was supposed to be the week end we were at the Dude Ranch with our troop? Yeah! No, wait our leader made them change it so we wouldn't miss it. Damn! Thanks! Have I mentioned that I have now been an adult girl scout longer than I was a child girl scout? I really wanted to be a boy scout. The things we do for our kids.

And I was so busy at work the day flew by.


annie kelleher said...

haha - very cute... happy earth day!!! hope yours is full of wonder and lots of green!!!

Martha said...

I hate meetings w/a passion. I like Boy Scouts over Girl Scouts just for this reason. I think some folks like the sound of their own voice. Any meeting over an hour = waste of time

Lynette said...

hummm, maybe you can earn brownie point badges for your meetings today