Monday, April 6, 2009

Great Week End

I am so grateful that the tension is gone from the house, the drama has moved to Arizona and all is right with the world. OK, my little corner of it for now. Hubby has been stepping up to the plate as I've been letting things go. At youngest's PPT meeting he actually was the one discussing her homework and homework habits. I've been staying out of most of it.

Saturday my girlfriend had a tag sale to sell her step daughter's stuff. SD moved here after having a baby to see how much daddy and step mom could take care of her. Say queen of the mooches. When things weren't going her way and she had a better offer she moved back West. In the leave she left all of her stuff behind. They sold her van to pay for shipping on things she needed for her and the baby and sold the rest.
I went and sat with her during the tag sale. We had quesadillas and margaritas. When it was all over we played wii and her hubby programed my phone with the ring tone I wanted - The Doors' Peacefrog.

Hubby made supper and I arrived after dinner. Sunday I went to temple, made a batch of soap, took a nap and made supper. My parents also came over for a visit. One kid went to friend's, one had a friend sleep over and one went to the movies. They are finally old enough to do things on there own. And without visitation getting in the way they are. Driver's ed was also in the mix and helping with the police explorers. They are finally able to have lives.

It is so good. I'll have soap making pictures when I get some time. Now, I'm off to a half day of work then Girl Scouts. Supper is prepped and in the fridge.

Ahh! Big sigh of contentment!!!

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Martha said...

I am so happy for you!! I can't wait to see the soap pictures.

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