Thursday, April 16, 2009

Middle of Spring Break

Monday we took the kids bowling, lunch and the movies. Hubby and youngest saw Monsters vs. Aliens and I took the others to see Knowing. Hubby said monsters was cute but very little adult humor like some of the better animated films. Oldest and I like Knowing, Son not so much. He likes more action and this was more a MF (Mind F@%*) movie as Hubby would call it. I like MF movies. Then Hubby was off to his MRT class. Next week in the test. Yeah!!

Tuesday morning we left early to arrive at Battleship Cove when it opened at 9. The first 100 kids received a real Navy shirt. Youngest was thrilled and wore it for two days. We had to get her the hat to go with it. We had lunch on the battleship and didn't leave there until almost 3. We toured every ship they had. We took the kids to a Portuguese restaurant for dinner as that is what the area is known for. Then they were off to the hotel pool. Yesterday we spent the morning in Newport getting the lay of the land. We will go back this summer to see Fort Adams and the mansions.

Today oldest and I are off to The Clark Museum in MA and Hubby is taking son and youngest to the air museum.

It's been a fun week so far.


Walk in the Woods said...

A fun week - yay for you! ENJOY!!!

Martha said...

Sounds like a wonderful week!
What is MRT?

Laura Rose said...

Sounds awesome!! :)