Tuesday, March 31, 2009


A friend suggested writing down your goals for 90 days. April 5 will be the 90 day mark. Here are my goals and results. I will be contemplating what my next 90 days will look like.

1. Walk 100 miles on the treadmill or otherwise. So far I have logged 41.10 miles. The stress with the court and changing schedules threw me off track.

2. Finalize plans for summer vacation. I had already traded in the time share, gave them a list of dates and places. For this I really needed to wait and see what become available first. But, I like plans in advance and if nothing had become available I was prepared to add new destinations to the list. The e-mail came in and we leave for Maine the day after school gets out.

3. Book the International Herb Fest (IHF)and Women's Herb Conference (WHC). With the confirmation of vacation plans the IHF was out of the question as it is the same week end we leave. Uugh! The paperwork is all filled out for the WHC and I'm waiting on funds. The deadline for early bird is May 31 and it will be in the mail by then.

4. I want to be making more money. But, I do not want to work any more days (3) than I currently work. My job responsibilities changed. I have more hours which means more pay but, I do not have to go into the office more than the three days I already was. That works for me.


annie kelleher said...

good for you, kim!!! you not only wrote down your goals but you also remembered where you put them!!!!! that would make it semi-miraculous in my house :). here's to the next 90 days! :)

Laura Rose said...

Woohoo...nice job on #4, too.

Walk in the Woods said...

Nice manifesting. :) Keep dreaming!

Martha said...

It sounds like great progress on your goals, Fabulous!!

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