Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday play dates

Everyone had to be somewhere Saturday. Oldest had driver's ed in the morning. Son had to do crowd control with his explorer post for a wrestling match in the afternoon. Youngest and I had a hair appointment at 10. Youngest was told her troop was selling Girl Scout cookies and I had a surprise birthday party to go to. Needless to say something had to give as it is Hubby's week end to work and he was sleeping. Youngest did not sell Girl Scout cookies and hubby had to wake up and transport son.

I went to the Purple Rose for their open house. There weren't a lot of people which surprised me. We did end with an impromptu drumming meditation which was cool. Then I was off to Annie's surprise birthday party. I had some time in between and I spotted a bike trail near where I parked so I took a walk in the spring sunshine. The party was nice. Her Beloved even hired a magician as entertainment.

I had put a roast in the crock pot for dinner. So when I arrived home I mashed the potatoes with some herb cheese and made gravy. It was really good.

Today oldest and I are off to see The Producer's at the Thomaston Opera House.


Martha said...

It sounds like a delightful weekend.

Walk in the Woods said...

I heard that The Producers at the TOH was excellent. There is so much talent in our own back yards!

Laura Rose said...

I've come to believe things are always as they are supposed to be. enjoy.

annie kelleher said...

thank you somuch for coming!!! i LOVE the soap and the scrub!!! im so glad you enjoyed the magician - i found the magic show a tad tedious :).

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