Sunday, March 29, 2009

CPR and groceries

I am officially recertified in CPR/AED for another year. The penny auction was going on at the same time as class. I left youngest home as class was 3 hours. The other scout leader brought her daughter. She let her go to the auction, bring a book and her DS to keep her busy. Besides there are plenty of adults there. True, but I don't feel it is another adults responsibility to watch my child. Maybe, it is just me.

Came home and youngest and I were off to the grocery shopping marathon. Two stores and less than three hours later we were home. I think that is a record. She went outside and played in the beautiful sunshine and I read on the deck. Then she made us supper - well, we made supper. Arroz con Pollo out of Emeril's There's A Chef in the World. It is so good. Youngest insisted on using the purple (forbidden) rice. With a variety of peppers, onions and capers it was a complete rainbow of a meal.

I actually got some snuggle time with hubby. Yeah! With his rotating schedule and the kids home 24/7 now we have not settled into a new dating routine yet. I miss our dates and so does he. That's our next thing on the list - finding date time.

My parents called. They are home from their winter in Florida. Once they settle back in I will have them for dinner.

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