Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring is in the air

OK, so it snowed again yesterday - but a spring snow that is more of a slush. The earth is calling. The mud is thick in the driveway. It is too soon to be outside playing in mama earth so I did the next best thing - I repotted my house plants this morning. I could hear them sigh with relief as they now can spread their roots and grow freely.

Basic cleaning is done and I may just take a nap. Oh, but first I'm going to research some places we can go on spring break. With no visitations to work around we are free to go with no restrictions on our time. We may just do an overnight here or there. Hmm, the possabilities thrill me.


Martha said...

You sound so much more at peace now that bio is far away, yeah!!!

Darcy said...

I need to repot mine as well, but I think I'll wait until Ostara to do that. I feel they will be healthier after the slumber of Winter is officially over and the earth's light is officially the light of Spring. When are we doing our outing?

Walk in the Woods said...

Yay for possibilities!

Laura Rose said...

woohoo, spring. mud, mudpies and muddy paws...all clear signs!!