Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

Thanks to everyone who commented on teenagers and teenage girls in particular. It made me LOL. I know oldest's moodiness is part of her age and can't wait for this stage to pass. OK, I'd be happy if she remembered the words thank you were part of the English language. Even soon manages to mumble them.

It has been warmer during the days and most of the snow is gone. I went for a walk with my girlfriend the other day and enjoyed the air and the company. Yesterday was grocery shopping day. Youngest tagged along for both trips - oldest was along for the second trip. I make one to BJ's for meat and dairy as I need family packs every day and the economic times have made the grocery store offer less and less of these. We unloaded with the help of son, picked up oldest from driver's ed and off to a regular store to finish. I had bought her the latest book in the series she is reading - Hunted. I left it tucked in the back seat. She spotted it right away and said sweet! I guess that will work - I really wanted thank you to follow. I must just have unrealistic expectations.

Son was going to make supper but didn't realize it was a slow (8 hour) cook rib recipe. So, he is cooking today instead. I made Italian wedding soup. I also made cookies and cream ice cream at youngest's request. And I'm anticipating the corn beef and cabbage I bought for Tuesday. Hubby will not be thrilled but once a year he can suck it up.

And, I'm really grateful that when I check in with my parents once a week I can say nothing really new is happening. There is day to day kid stuff but no drama. Yeah!!!!


Martha said...

I'm making corned beef and cabbage on Tuesday too. My husband can't wait!

Walk in the Woods said...

Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure that there was a "thank you" hidden in that "sweet!"


Darcy said...

When Brandi does crap like that, I always follow up her selfish remarks with an emphasised, "YOUR WELCOME" until I get a Thank you. She'll get the hint that it is customary and expected in this society to actually THANK someone for what they've done for you. Get her in the habit of writing TIMELY thank you notes ot people for even the smallest things. Writing the notes will have to make her think about what she's gotten for a period of time while having to think of a thoughtful way of saying (and being) thankful. Just a suggestion!

SpaGirl Jenn said...

You mean to tell me that it is going to get worse.....LOL

I have a 9 year old turning 21 and she KNOWS everything, so she thinks!!!!