Saturday, February 18, 2012

I am a Bookaholic

And I'm not interested in recovery.  I have switched to a kindle for reading more fluffy things as I call them.  That keeps me from collecting far to many things on my shelf.  I've really gotten better at letting books go and either pass them on or donate to the local library book sale.  And even though I can highlight, bookmark and write notes in the margin of my kindle reference books are far better off in paper form.

I received an amazon gift card for Christmas from my boss and I've been savoring it.  Hoarding it.  Cherishing it.  And today I used it.  A few items will be delivered right to my kindle.  I will walk upstairs and there they will be - ready to be read and cherished.  Autobiography of a Yogi came highly recommended and that was a free download.  I really love those.  And in a week or less a box will arrive on my door step with a few little treasures.  John O'Donahue's Four Elements and Joseph Campbell's The Power of Myth. 

Have you read any good books lately?  What book changed your life?  Your thinking?  What book do you pick up and read again and again?

And in between my needle point project, cooking and soap making I will be reading.

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