Thursday, February 23, 2012

Five things I Love

I was checking out the blog Chronicles of a Warrior Wife and she posted about the five things she loves.  I liked the idea and told her I would steal.  But narrowing it down to five things seemed hard and then after some thought of what I really love and what I really like it seemed hard.  So, in no particular order here goes.

1)  I love my hubby.  My girlfriend introduced us again for the first time.  I told her she was crazy he had four kids.  Then the big bad cocky cop talked about finding the right barrettes to tame his little girl's hair and I was hooked.  When I found out he could sew I proposed.  He thought I was joking.  We'll be together ten years in August (married 8 in June) and I wouldn't change a thing.  He's as macho as I am.  He's not intimidated by my work, education, hobbies or friends.  You'd be surprised by how many boyfriends in the past were.  He is super supportive.  He also helps with the housework.  He is passionate about his work and his hobbies.

2) My bud walks - they've started already this year due to the mild weather.  I come home each day and walk the yard.  I check out what is popping through the dirt, budding on the trees or blooming in front of my eyes.  Each day it's a little bit more.  Spring stirs the life that lay fallow all winter and it starts to stir in my soul.

3) My parents - let's face it, growing up we all think our families are a little off kilter.  But, when I look around I see we weren't that bad.  I am grateful for the knowledge they imparted, the values and the freedom to test both.  Dad made sure I knew education was number one on my agenda.  But, not just school.  He made sure my brother and I understood the family finances and how to be independent.  My parents made sure that as we grew we put him out of a job in a sense.  Once I had my license I was able to drive my car anywhere.  One of the girls at work has a daughter.  She has her own car.  And one day she talked about how tired she was because she had to drive her daughter to a cheer leading match.  Why?  Oh, I wouldn't let her drive that far (45 minutes away).  It really hit home the independence my parents instilled in me.  It also reminded me why I don't lose sleep when son is out with his car.

4) Education - I took Dad's lesson and ran with it.  I love to learn.  I'm constantly reading, taking classes, probing new topics.  Sometimes it takes the form of a degree or certificate but other times it's as simple as a new cookbook or soap making class.  A few herbal classes at a local shop turned into a huge passion and I've had the joy of studying with some fantastic herbalists.  I've also learned to take care of my family in a more holistic, nurturing way. 

5) My friends that show up - when you go through difficult times (like my divorce many moons ago) friends you thought would be there disappear.  But others that you didn't think would show up, do.  I treasure those relationships and try to nurture them as much as they nurture me.

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Ayana said...

I love it- major kudos! Your husband sounds a lot like my husband. This was really a great post, I so enjoyed reading it!