Friday, March 2, 2012

What made me smile today?

A facebook friend poses that question every now and then.  And I'm never sure how to respond.  Everything and nothing.  It's not usually a big moment but lots of small ones throughout the day.

So, for yesterday my smiles were....

I made it to work without any problems through snow, sleet and rain.

My row mate (her cubicle joins mine) and I laughed at the "mental hospital" ring tone message I could have picked for my new phone.

My client responded to my e-mail in the same manner as my hubby.  With great enthusiasm but without answering my question.

Leftovers for supper so I didn't have to think about cooking before heading out.

Hugs from my daughter and hubby.

Tea with my heathen friends.  Losing ourselves in conversation and forgetting the time. 

Coming home to snuggle with my hubby who wasn't working.

What made you smile today?

1 comment:

Walk in the Woods said...

… lots of reasons to smile! :)