Saturday, March 24, 2012


It seems when you barely have a winter and the first day of spring feels like the middle of July that raking seems like less of a chore.  That and I've pulled the family into the job - an hour a day with four of us and a lot gets accomplished.  All the beds are now raked.  We have one huge pile to move to the compost and finish cleaning the bed but way ahead of the game.  Which is good because the blooms and buds are really early this year. 

The burn pit is full of branches.  So a burn party will be in order soon.

And the compost pile from last year looks gorgeous and will soon be spread on the herb garden.  I have a new bed I want to put in.  Youngest started the work in the fall to earn some extra money but that soon petered out.  I think if we all spend an hour with shovels in hand it will be done and ready to go. 

Hubby and I walked the yard and made notes of plants that need to come out or be moved.  Trees and shrubs were pruned.  We found some more damage from the freak October snow.  Some trees lost more limbs than we first realized but they still look beautiful. 

The labyrinth I put in a few years ago has been neglected and is over grown.  I have an urge this year to resurrected it.  We have cleared more of that area and the sun has done it some good.  I think a little work on my part will have it looking better than new. 

We're off this morning for my cousin's one year birthday party.  But then I'm hoping we can get to the bike trails again. 

And yesterday we received news from oldest.  Her physical went great.  She will be starting basic training May 1,  and will be there 19 weeks - basic and then special training. 

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Walk in the Woods said...

Sounds like you're (all) enjoying and making the most of this quirky spring season we're having!