Thursday, March 8, 2012

Called Home

Oldest called last night.  This is a rare thing.  She was so excited about her scores and acceptance into the National Guard.  She has her physical in a week and another sit down with the recruiter.  She has already started the process for a leave of absence from college.  She should be starting basic the beginning of April.  Ten weeks of that plus special training to be an MP (military police).  But we don't identify with dad at all.

She talked to hubby and then youngest.  Youngest asked if she wanted to talk to me.  She did.  So for the first time since she left over a year ago I talked to oldest.  She was so excited.  I asked about the clothes we sent for her birthday.  The jeans were a little big as she was guessing on the size she would need.  The shirts were awesome - she loves them. 

Her grades are great at school.  She spends most of  her time studying.

I think basic will do her good.  This is her chance to get away from bio without going back to Dad.  I so prefer this to getting knocked up.  And the MP position will fit perfectly into her college studies of criminal justice and forensics.

She's making it happen with no help from anyone out there.  I knew she would.  I knew her drive for an education was going to pull her through.  It's not an easy path but who out there has taken an easy path?  I'm so proud of her.

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