Monday, March 19, 2012

Summer Week End

OK, so it's really still winter but it felt like June.

Friday hubby and I went for a breakfast date before heading to the school for a PPT meeting.  As the food arrived the tones went off for a structure fire.  The food was wrapped, I had a full demo of hubby's lights and sirens as we went to the fire house, and then I went home and switched cars before heading solo to the school.  The call came in at 9:01 and he didn't get back to the station until 6.  The scene wasn't completely clear until after 8. Luckily no one was hurt.  Unfortunately the home received significant damage and will probably be a complete loss.

I spent the afternoon cooking and cleaning.  EC was coming for dinner.  Hmmm!  He comes and we either take a trip to the emergency room or have a fire call.  His favorite meal is hamburgers so I made bacon cheddar burgers.  I made BBQ sauce to baste them with.  For starters I made sausage cheese balls.  He brought a salad and I made hash brown casserole.  For dessert a pineapple upside down cake. 

Saturday hubby worked overtime.  I started raking flower beds.  My crocuses were trying to peak through the leaves and the herb garden was starting to come alive underneath the mulch.  I completed around the house which included the herb bed and part of the back beds.  Son came out and helped with no prompting.  Youngest came out and helped with prompting.  What was just green sprouts on Saturday burst into full bloom on Sunday.  And all day cornbeef simmered.  I tried one recipe on the stove and another in the crockpot so we would have leftovers.

Sunday morning started with cornbeef hash and eggs.  Son and hubby went for a practice "run" for the tower run.  It benefits the lung association.  35 flights up and back in full turn out gear with a pack.  They ran through it twice.  Only to come home and load up the bikes and head to the bike trail.  The weather was in the 70's and beautiful.  The trail was crowded with bikers, walkers and joggers.  It started to thin out a little after the first mile.  Eight miles later and no sore but (wohoo) we loaded the bikes back in the truck.  We splurged and ordered pizza for pick up on the way home. It was still early so I sat out on the deck and read for several hours.

This morning I'm off for a walk with a girlfriend, a few errands and then back to raking.

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