Monday, March 5, 2012

Shamanic Dreaming

I've been going to a dream workshop for the last six months or so.  It has been extremely helpful in getting me to remember my dreams, think about them and honor them.  We all dream.  Our dreams are our guides to life.  They need to be taken more seriously. 

My newest dream which I entitled "grocery store" was rather bizarre.  My titles are rather boring but help me remember the particular dream.  Others have much more profound titles. 

When my guides are really trying to get my attention they show up in the form of my friend TG.  I've had a lot of dreams about him lately and am still not getting the full message.  I know I'm on the brink of change and I get the sense from the dreams that I'm on the right path.

The grocery store dream starts in a crowd of people all moving forward through aisles of stacked food.  Cases and cases form the path.  I called it a maze at first but upon reflection that's not really accurate.  A maze conjures up images of confusion.  This "aisle" led in one direction.  Everyone was moving at a rather rapid pace and once out of the aisles were in a vortex that swept one away.  I was able to duck into a calm spot in the store and ultimately find another path.  A beautiful healing path that wound through nature, trees, meadows and ponds and landed me softly on a beach near beautiful cliffs. 

And as I write this I realize that I'm not avoiding the chaos in the vortex; I'm stepping out of the mainstream.  I'm not following the expected path but forging one of my own. 

This was a big dream.  I've journaled about it, talked about it and blogged about it.  And if that is not honor enough I also messaged TG to tell him how much I appreciate his honesty in a world filled with people who tell you what they think you want to hear.  What I want to hear is what someone else really thinks; their truth even if it doesn't agree with my truth.  It makes me think and I'll have far more respect for you.

And I highly recomend Susan Morgan's book The Power of Dreams.

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