Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow and Ice

Snow I don't mind - it's beautiful - especially when hubby clears it from the driveway. But ice - I stay home. Actually my entire office is staying home today. Most are taking vacation days. This winter has eaten into a lot of PTO (paid time off). I have my lap top at home and am working on getting motivated to work. It is much slower going at home.

Hubby's three days off fell during the snow storm and he is working on fixing the snow blower. It suddenly decided it will start but not stay running.

We called oldest Sunday night to check in. She seems to be enjoying the new school (she wouldn't tell us otherwise). She's not sure if she will have enough credits to graduate on time but, bio said, the counselor said, well.... I don't know. Youngest refused to talk to her. Son only agreed to talk to her because girlfriend was over and she wanted to talk to her. So much for missing their sister. Wonder if youngest has decided on a paint color for her new room yet?

My darling EC called the other night to check on oldest and hubby. I set up a dinner date with him. He'll be here next week. After lots of thought and input from the kids and hubby we decided on ham, scalloped potatoes and Brussels sprouts. I had to explain that for a bachelor you wanted to make something he wouldn't cook for himself and that I could send leftovers home with him. And for dessert a maple pecan pie with homemade vanilla ice cream. The pie is a new recipe featured on Chuck's Day Off so I had to have the family taste test it on Sunday. It's a winner. And the ice cream I amped up with vanilla sugar. Yum! And because I'm a sap for I'll make him up a care package of meals. I remember my single days and cooking for one. And I love to cook.

Today is smothered pork chops and Wheaties cookies. The pork chops was a dinner suggestion for EC and no one could remember what I was talking about (too much variety in their menu) and the cookies are a childhood favorite.

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Kathy said...

Mark went to a CSI type thing last year. They had a wonderful time, even though his teacher was the murderer.

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