Friday, February 11, 2011

Four Years

It was four years ago today that I started blogging. It has let me vent many a frustration, meet new friends and learn a lot.

Today EC is coming for dinner. He's single once again and we are all busy for Valentine's day so tonight we are celebrating. Actually he's just coming for dinner and I'm surprising him by celebrating just a little. I know VD is a commercial holiday and much of me hates that. Then their is this small part that loves the idea. I try to show those I love how much every day so I twist the holiday a little. I send valentine cards to my friends and tell them how much they mean to me. Tonight the table is set in red and everyone has a gift bag filled with chocolates. Son's girlfriend will be here as well. The menu is made in part so EC can bring some leftovers home.

Meat Stromboli
Ham with a pineapple mustard glaze
scalloped potatoes
creamy Brussels sprouts
Maple pecan pie
homemade coconut ice cream

I had to make two pies. Last time I made it son complained that there wasn't enough leftovers. The Stromboli is a new recipe. Usually I make peperoni bread with peperoni, fried peppers and provolone. This is filled with garlic, fried peppers, pepperoni, mortadella, sopraseta and mozzarella. I was going to make green beans and son asked for brussel sprouts - hey with bacon and cream you gotta love them. It is one of my favorite dishes.

Oldest has unfriended me on facebook. She has stopped answering her phone and has not talked to her siblings in weeks.

Youngest says whatever pops into her head (don't know where that comes from - LOL). The other day as we were out looking for new beading to go in her new room she says, there is no stress now that oldest is gone. What do you mean? I don't have to lie or keep secrets anymore. That's why I won't talk to her if she calls.


Kathy said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I have enjoyed reading your blog for these past few years, and feel as if I have a good friend, even though we have never met.

Walk in the Woods said...

Have a wonderful, love-filled VD! And - yes - I LoVeD the card. You are a special, special friend.

And I'm thinking of you today too - because I'm making another batch of soap and I have your guidance, printed and under plastic, front and center on my kitchen counter!


Love ya!