Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lazy Friday

As I read my favorite blogs this morning I discovered the horror of Long Island shoppers. To trample someone to death to go shopping is just ...... unbelievable.

I spent yesterday in my pajamas until 4 then showered and slid into my comfy sweats. I napped, read, ate left overs and simmered the tukey carcas for soup. It was a really lazy day with little energy. Though I did wash three loads of laundry. Son made sausage and cauliflower soup with sausage bisquits for dinner. It was soooo easy to make and really yummy. I will make it again. I love having the kids find new recipes it really stretches our menu in new directions.
After sleeping for nearly 11 hours I finally feel rested today.

Oldest and I will be going to the TOH to see It's A Wonderful Life - the last in our season tickets. Hubby did buy us season tickets for next year as well but shhh, I'm not supposed to know. Well, actually he had me order them so I would get exactly what I wanted. Very few of our presents to each other are a surprise. His big present is set up in his work room already. It's a huge storage unit for nuts and bolts and the like. He has been so excited that he's been cleaning his man cave for weeks.


Lynette said...

Thanks for coming by and reading my R post. My daughter did a v post and I thing that the J post that lead you here was good too. Your letter is:


annie kelleher said...

ooh can't wait to read this! :)

Walk in the Woods said...

Welcome to the other side! So nice to have you here!