Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I was told I don't write as much any more. That is true. For me that is a good thing - it means there is no more drama. And I really like it that way. So, I put out prayers of gratitude to all that is holy.
This week end I had 16 women at my house Friday night for a pampered chef party. It was a great evening out with plenty of food and laughter.
 Saturday I took youngest to the penny auction at the elementary school. I won a hand beaded necklace and bracelet. Youngest won a watercolor done by a local artist. It is beautiful. It's of horses and matches her new room perfectly.
Then we headed to my brother's house to drop off my nieces birthday present. She will turn 4 this Saturday at Disney World.
Oldest actually mailed her cell phone home that she wasn't using (and we were paying for). My brother is taking it to my parents in Florida. I preset my number as well as my brothers and my aunts. I will feel much better that they have a phone in the car. They travel a lot (and you were wondering where I get it from - I am my father's daughter) and in this day and a age a phone for emergencies would set my mind at ease.
We received confirmation for our April vacation. We will be in Vermont for four days. We received a free 3 nights stay in Killington. It is pretty central to a lot of day trips. Plus we will be away.
Sunday was beautiful out. The sun shone brightly and the wind was the least of my concerns. I packed youngest's bike into my car and we headed to the reservoir. She biked and I walked. Boy, did that feel good.
 So, here is to hoping your life is drama free and full of blessings.
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