Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Easter turned out to be sunny - well until late in the afternoon.  I was able to hide candy filled eggs outside for my niece and nephew.  They are just the cutest.  They are at that really fun age - so excited by all the little things in life.  They were thrilled to hunt for eggs and color.  Youngest had a ball playing with them all afternoon.  At one point my niece looks at me and says, "know what my name is  S-I-L-L-Y, Silly."  And then she giggled. 

The day was so relaxed.  Saturday I baked cookies and a pie and made some vanilla ice cream.  Sunday I made a garlic roasted pork loin and roasted asparagus.  My SIL made mustard roasted potatoes and brought rolls.  My auntie and cousins made cole slaw, cream puffs decorated like bunnies and wine.  We ate and talked and enjoyed each other.

My parents left at 3 this morning for home.  They've been in Florida since the day after Christmas.  Hopefully they bring some sunshine with them.  I like rain but....  Ah, the flowers are still blooming and I wouldn't trade spring in New England for anything.

Facebook disabled all of my kids accounts with no warning or explanation.  We're waiting to hear back via e-mail.  Sad, because it was the only contact they had with their sister.  Happy, because bio just started an account and asked each of them to be friends.  It disabled all of them before the could reply.  Hmmm???

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