Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today was parent's day at the middle school.  You arrive for home room and follow your child around for their first two periods.  I asked youngest what classes she had  today last night at supper.  Why?  Did you get an e-mail?  How did you know? 

I read my mail and it has been on the calender for a month.  Oh.

Not sure if she was happy or not but....  This morning as I talked to hubby and said he could meet us there (in uniform)  because he wouldn't have enough time to come home and change she lit up.  The smile went from ear to ear.  Daddy was coming to school.

I brought her to school and she headed to her locker and then back to the office to meet daddy.  Well, she took his hand and wouldn't let go.  She dragged him around the halls beaming.  She was showing him off to any one who would look.  And let me tell you a state trooper walking around the school gets attention.  A few hi Mr. Police Officer's and we were off to homeroom.   Then English. 

Hubby was off duty at this time but he received a call during class.  He slipped out of the room.  Her brightly lit up face fell.  Her whole posture just dropped.  On the way to the next class I explained he got a call.  They were looking for someone the night before and they must have found him.  (They did in his underwear on some one's front porch)

Well, he finished up and was able to make it back before the class ended.  You would have thought she won the lottery.  It was the end of study hall so she was free to move.  She came and wrapped her arms around daddy who was kneeling by "my" desk.  Her head rested on top of his.  She was in her glory.  She was so excited that not only did daddy get a hug and a kiss good bye but so did I.

As we left I explained to hubby how thrilled he should be that his 13 y/o wanted to hold his hand and show him off still.  Yeah - it was worth missing some sleep.