Monday, April 18, 2011


On Thursday at 3:00 I left work not to return until the 25th.  Yeah!

I headed to the hospital to see my cousin and her new baby.  Linnea Grace was born on her due date 6 hours after mom went into labor.  To walk into a room filled with such love and joy - it is good for the soul.

Friday my baby turned 13 y/o. I baked her cake of choice - a peanut butter cheese cake. I prepped the fixings for the make your own pizza dinner. When her and her girlfriend arrived home from school we whisked them off to the movies. They saw Soul Surfer and really liked it. Home for pizza, cake and presents. She had a really good day. Sunday with the money she received from grandparents she bought a game for her DS (I had to take her shopping) and books from amazon. She was happy all day.

Saturday a group of us from work along with our families hiked to the tower at Sleeping Giant State Park. It was cool and windy but felt great.
Sunday was shopping and reading. I'm on vacation so I downloaded a bunch of books to my kindle. Yeah!!

Today is puttering and errands. Hubby is taking the kids to the Army Navy store. Son has been saving up money from his job to buy a new pair of boots. He keeps $20.00 from his check and the rest has gone in the bank so it his taken him a while to save cash for the boots he wants. I'm so proud of him. He really gets the working hard and saving for what you want concept.
Tomorrow we leave for Vermont for a few days. We were able to get a free three nights stay by listening to a time share spiel. we'll be staying in Killington and taking day trips around the state from there. It will be nice to take a break from home.

And this week end my brother and his family will be here for Easter. My Aunt and her daughter and girlfriend will be here as well. I'm making a pork loin and asparagus. I'll bake a maple pecan pie and some cookies for the kids. Others are contributing what they feel in the mood for. It is a rather low key day and a good excuse to get together. My nephew is 6 and my niece 4 so they are at a really fun age. I have little plastic eggs I filled with candy to hide outside. I have bags filled with stickers and activity books. I just love being an Auntie.

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Sounds like good stuff, all around!