Saturday, April 9, 2011


Last week end son who rarely sleeps at all slept for almost 36 hours straight.  He was sweet enough to pass his germs onto his sister.  She's rather down and out today.

This week I met with my pagan friends to celebrate the waking earth.  Our host made waking earth cake and I made vanilla ice cream to symbolize the melting snow.  This group is a wonderful collection of dear sweet souls.  I look forward to our meetings each month.  It is a time to laugh until tears come, it is a time to cry and be uplifted.  It is a time to just be.  I am truly grateful.

Friday night I went to see Max Dashu speak on the grandmother stones of megalithic Europe.  It was awesome.  This is the third time I've seen her.  She has been studying women's history for 40 years.  She is an amazing wealth of knowledge.  She is so at peace within herself and her joy and thoughtfulness shine through. 

For dinner I made homemade potato chips to go with son's french dip sandwiches.  He made a caramelized onion spread, roasted the beef, thicken the au jus and assembled the sandwiches.  Yum!!  I'm taking the leftovers and making beef pot pie. 

And that is my week.

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Walk in the Woods said...


I hope that healing and wellness grace your whole family soon.

And you, my friend are a dear, sweet soul. I am glad to know you and call you a friend. Peace.