Sunday, October 31, 2010


Yesterday was hubby's birthday. We are now the same age (again). Those 27 days makes a real difference.
It was a very early morning in our house. Hubby had a agreed to let boyfriend and girlfriend spend the night. Youngest had a friend over as well. The boys were to sleep downstairs and the girls upstairs. Girlfriend's Dad called and asked us about it. Her parents went up many points in my book for being concerned parents. I made hubby sleep with the door open and the sound machine off. You said they could stay now we can monitor them. Hubby told boyfriend that he could move when I was awake and that no one would be going upstairs before 7. They could use the bathroom downstairs. The dog woke me up at 5:30. I fed her in the dark and let her out. Now the boys were already awake. Next thing I know they have both gone upstairs and crawled in bed with their girlfriends. This woke up the two younger kids and my dragging them back downstairs made sure the rest of the house was awake. But, your husband said.... I highly doubt my husband said for you to crawl in bed with his daughter under our roof.
Now don't get me wrong. I'm not naive. If they are going to have sex they already are. But, I'm not going to encourage it or sit by and watch.
So, instead of a relaxing cup of decaf in the quiet of the early hours I was starting breakfast. I made sausage gravy with cheddar cheese biscuits, baked oatmeal with cranberries and eggs. Once everyone cycled through the showers we headed to the hiking trails. It was a beautiful fall day and a lovely hike. No one got hurt in spite of trying to show off by jumping and sliding on wet leaves. And plans were made to hike some more (at least for hubby and me).

Naps were had by most in the afternoon while I cooked supper and baked a cake. The birthday person gets to choose the meal and dessert in our house. Youngest's friend said she wants to come here for her birthday and have tacos.
So, the meal of choice was spaghetti with meat sauce. I prefer tomato sauce with meatballs so meat sauce is a rare occurrence in our house. I made garlic bread with a loaf of french bread and a garlic compound butter. And the dessert was a white layer cake with white frosting. Even the chocolate lover's enjoyed it.


Walk in the Woods said...

Happy Birthday to "DH" - a day late, but happy nonetheless!

Laura Rose said...

Those sleep overs can definitely be tricky! we've had similar experiences here!