Sunday, October 3, 2010

Birthday Dinner

I sipped coffee while the cake baked and everyone slept in. When hubby came home from work the kids started to wake up. Son couldn't remember it was my birthday even after I told him the flavor of the cake was birthday. Youngest on the other hand didn't wish me well but made me breakfast. She is now a really good at making eggs. Oldest wished me well and had a card for me that the other kids signed as well. I put dinner in the crock pot and headed to the Coventry Farmer's Market. It was my first time and definitely won't be my last. So many vendors with fresh produce, meats, cheeses and baked goods. There were also artist showing their crafts and lots of food tents. I walked out with two big bags of delicious goodness and a bouquet of flowers. Oldest tagged along and I treated her to lunch on the way back. Our adopted nephew will be here for supper along with son's girlfriend and another bachelor friend of hubby's.

So the menu for tonight ( the birthday girl or boy decides the menu on their day)

Pulled pork sandwiches with mango BBQ sauce (new recipe)
Cole slaw
potato salad
Bread and Butter pickles
Creamed Spinach (my favorite veggie)
And filled chocolate cake

The cake recipe was handed over by my neighbor when I was a kid. It is originally a cup cake recipe that my mom reworked into a bundt cake. This has been my birthday cake since. It's a chocolate cake and the center is cheesecake. No frosting just the way I like it. I might add some chocolate ganache just for fun though.

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Walk in the Woods said...

Wow … someone else I missed at the market! I was there all but the last hour too. It's a great one, isn't it?