Friday, October 1, 2010

Confused and Restless

Yes, my blog background keeps changing. I can't seem to find one I like. I like the deeper colors and nothing to busy but most of the templates are all pastels. I like my old format that read what's cooking in the side line but I can no longer get it to format correctly. So it may morph some more.

I went for my mammogram and ultra sound yesterday. Breasts are fine. I knew they were. I debate back and forth with myself about going at all. I'm going to discuss this with my doctor because it really is not going to be an annual thing in my life.

I stopped at the auto body shop after that to see if they can fix my car for the amount the adjusters sent. Miner damage from someone backing into my bumper but hey, I don't like blemishes on my baby. {I turn into my dad on this stuff} They said they could do that and if I wanted a ride home they could fix it right away. I could pick it up the next day. OK They're also going to fix the little scratch I put in it myself.

So, I figured I could just use hubby's truck for a day. He has a company vehicle after all. OMG, you would have thought I asked to cut off his left arm. Gee, wasn't it a few weeks ago I was driving him back and forth to get his truck fixed. And, hello was he not driving my car when it was hit. And isn't he going to be sleeping all day any way. Trust me there will be a discussion when he is fully awake. The problem is that his fire gear is in the truck and he might miss a call. Life would cease to exist as we know it if he didn't roll out of bed go to a minor call and be cranky with us the rest of the day because he didn't get enough sleep.

So, to avoid the hassle I decided to take the day off from work. Twist my arm. My desk is really clear and this will give me a chance to have things pile up. That is a good thing. And in case their was any doubt my mom called to say my aunt from FL is in town and could I make it for lunch.

Books have fell by the wayside lately. I'm working on a needlepoint project. Hubby's cousin (eye candy's sister) had a baby girl. I'm making something for her. I looked all summer for a pattern that spoke to me. Then she was born. I pulled out my tote box and thought maybe I would use a pattern from the past. I would make one for each of my girlfriends when they had kids. I found a beautiful kit unopened. It was the pattern I bought the first time I was married. We were going to have kids and I thought this would be perfect hanging in our nursery. I feel some pull to this little one and this pattern said it is time. It really is a beautiful pattern and I'm hoping to finish it this week so I can frame it and deliver it while mom is still on maternity leave.

I did take hubby's truck last night. He didn't argue and I ignored the faces. Annie gave a writing workshop at Passiflora, the local tea room. Most of the people there are writers of the book type. I just write my blog. I'm thinking of and putting together a cookbook. She explained ways to make characters come to life. She had us do an exercise with tarot cards. Once I got past the "real" characters I work with a story just poured onto the paper. I have some edits to do and then I'll post it.


Walk in the Woods said...

It's none of my business, yet I have to ask: If there any inkling suggesting a discussion after all? About the truck? Just askin'. :)

Ooh - I'm excited to read your story! Annie *is* writing magic, isn't she?

Kathy said...

I'd love to read your cookbook, especially if you wrote about the recipes and why they are important to you. I usually read cookbooks for fun anyway and I always love your recipes.
Also, I'm with you on the mammograms. I'm thinking I may see about a once every three year thing. I breast fed for about 20 years, so I'm low risk.

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