Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bio Update

OK, so a bio update. If she wasn't a part of my kids life this would be really funny. Hell, even then it is really funny. Better since she lives to far away to see them plus that whole restraining order thing.

So, bio is engaged to be married to Leroy Hesnotblack (that is what she calls him). Leroy Hesnotblack is friends with bio's #2 brother. Last year for Christmas bio sent a picture to the kids of a group of women in old time western garb. This is so they won't forget what she looks like. (Youngest has any way) One of the women was Leroy Hesnotblack's wife. It was taken sometime last year. Since that time she has passed from cancer. Goddess rest her soul. So bio is now living with her fiance. This is why she can't call the kids that often. She calls monthly when she visits her mom to do her laundry. They are not getting married until the kids come to visit - sometime after hell freezes over or youngest turns eighteen.

#2 brother married #1 brother's daughter (is that even legal). My oldest son said this is so niece could get a way from her mother. How bad is she? But, he doesn't think it will last because niece is cheating on uncle. But, this means that #2 brother and his two kids moved out of grandma's house. Oldest son is excited because now instead of the air mattress on the floor he gets the couch.

This is all great news because bio moved out there to take care of an ailing mother. I guess the fact that #1 and #2 brother both lived with her was not enough. Apparently she didn't move there because she had been fired from numerous jobs and had a difficult time finding work or that she was being evicted again.

Oh, and bio plans to have more kids - two to be exact. At 45 y/o she is going to have her tubal ligation reversed and have two more kids. Youngest is happy because then she won't be the youngest.

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Kathy said...

OK, I snorted the diet Coke through my nose.

Bless their hearts. That's really all I can say. Except the marriage would be legal in SC. I think.

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