Friday, September 17, 2010

Back on track

Less than three weeks into school and I've lost 5 lbs. Dates with the treadmill and wii fit are doing it. I'm really watching what foods I eat when. Trying for a lot more lean protein throughout the day to stay full and energized. Seems to be working.

My annual (though it's been 3 years) doctor visit was on Monday. She was thrilled with my blood work. Triglycerides were down 35 points; from being to high to right where they should be. Good cholesterol has gone up. She's a little concerned about my sugar levels - they went up. Really!? Of course I didn't think to ask if stress could cause that. My nutritionist assures me it can. Doctors recommendation is the South Beach Diet. I picked up the book at the library and put it in the pile I'm reading. The basic idea is to eat lean protein and good carbs (those lower on the glycemic index).

So the idea really is to be healthy. If I make healthy choices like eating right and exercise the weight should come off. I'm not going to do any specific diet but incorporate what I learn in to my daily routine.

I booked my massage for next month and am going to fit it into the budget no matter what. I'm continuing with my strike. In other words the nagging has stopped. If you must go to school naked because you can't walk your clothes 10 feet to the laundry room so be it. If you don't like what I have in the house for food or what I cook for dinner go hungry or put it on the grocery list.

What have you done for yourself lately dear reader?


Martha (MM) said...

Great! Sounds like you've joined the Motivation Station at just the right time. We are always working towards improving our health among other things. So glad to have you as our 100th follower, that makes you special :-)

Martha said...

I joined the gym courtesy of my company and love it!
Great attitude about No Nagging, I am so over it too. It's like "Enough Already".
Thanks so much for joining The Motivation Station, I appreciate it and you!!