Wednesday, September 1, 2010

occupy my mind

I commented to a friend that I can not maintain a theme through one blog post never mind an entire blog. She said maybe I needed to take something to help me concentrate - her daughter does. She's a little high strung like me. We decided that my mind just spins way to fast and I get bored way to easily. Self diagnosis here I come.

So, I love going to school. I'm not enrolled in a degree program at the moment (may be once the kids are out) but I still take classes when time and budget afford. I can now take online courses through my work discount for $79.00. They have health related classes and anatomy and physiology. I really need to look the list over again and sign up. Work will pay for anything job related. I guess I'll be paying for my own classes. I'm not sure how I can convince them that A&P relates to accounting. Except, I am on the health and wellness committee...... So the point to this is that I keep racking up degrees because I love school. I think because it keeps my mind occupied. My degrees are in English literature and psychology, business administration and accounting and Biblical studies. I'm working on completing a course/certificate in herbalism. Up until I went part time at work a few years ago I kept saying I was trying to decide what I wanted to be when I grow up. Since, no one will pay me to go to school. When I went part time I continued working as an accountant, started substitute teaching at the elementary school and took care of house and kids as well as volunteer with the fire department. Then it struck me. I don't want a traditional career. I don't want one singular job. I need the variety. Before I was married work was OK because I was also going to school and volunteering on countless committees from church, fire department and town. I had enough variety.

And this year I have been eliminating what no longer works for me. Girl Scouts finally came to an end. I resigned from the fire department after ten years. I told them I could no longer substitute teach. My two jobs are actually paying enough to cover my bills. I'm feeling more rich than I have since before owning a home. I'm making an effort to live healthy. I'm spending more time in the kitchen. I'm try to connect or reconnect with friends. And I'm thinking of writing a cookbook.


Walk in the Woods said...

I love your mind! And the rest of you too. Funny - I get the same "focus on one thing" comments every so often - and I have for the last 11 years. I have many interests, loves and passion and choose not to limit my capacity to enjoy and leverage them just because our world "seems to" mindlessly embrace that singular, left-brained, masculine mode of thinking and acting. I say: Pfft! Besides, I love a challenge.

Sapphyre said...

If you want to take A&P through the CT Community College networks, it's not an online course and you need a couple pre-requisites....Chemistry and Human Biology. Not to discourage you, but A&P is VERY intense and not something for the casual learner. It's designed as a medical training course. I've had the chemistry and bio and it's already proving to be a really tough course! Good luck with it all! If you need any help, just ask! :0)

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