Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm on stike

Or having my own little sit in or tuning out whatever you want to call it. I'm the schedule keeper in the house. I'm the list maker and the provider of meals, clothes, vacations, luxuries and such. Hubby may foot the bill or part of it but it all takes place because of me. I'm not being arrogant here, hubby would agree. He likes it that way. No need to clutter his mind with all this stuff. Each time I go grocery shopping I put it out to the family at the dinner table. I go down the list what do you need for breakfast, lunch, fruit.... their toiletries I have to name specifically or they forget they are out of them. So in my raging PMS rant I declared I was done with that. To the point where I declared that if the girls run out of pads they can put their hand under their crotch to catch it until I go grocery shopping again. Maybe next time they will put it on the list. This list has been a constant in their life for 8 years. Time for them to step up to the plate and take some responsibility. I grocery shop today. I told them I would grocery shop today. That is all I said. Don't like what kind of sandwich meat I buy, what cereal, what fruit, guess you're SOL until next time.

Homecoming is the 25th. Normally I would take oldest shopping and buy her a dress, shoes, jewelry etc. Guess what? Not happening. Want me to take you shopping ask me. If not you can wear the same thing you did last year. Hell, boyfriend didn't see it anyway. Or, here's a novel idea do what I did in high school buy it yourself.

I'm tired. Physically and emotionally tired. By the time I arrived for my massage, the first one since May(which used to be a monthly occurrence but due to my funds going to the kids...) I was wound so tight. I asked for a relaxing massage. I drank gallons of water and herbal tea the rest of the day and was still in bed by 7. The toxins released flooded my system. I was in bed at 7 again last night. At least hubby knew I was exhausted and ordered pizza for dinner. Oh, and I booked another one for next month.

The dog was just fed a second time. Son thought I was still in bed. Did you ever think to look in my office? Where am I each morning?

So, today if I make it to the picnic with the rest of the family fine. If not, oh well. I will make it to my girlfriends birthday party though. And boy do I have some fun stuff planned for the kids this week. I have some weeding, some planting and some mulch that needs to be spread. Oh and complain. Go ahead I just dare you!


Walk in the Woods said...

You GO, wicked mama!

I recall having many responsibilities around the house while growing up. Some were simply expected, the routine kind that simply evolved from a young age and contributed to the routines of the shared household. Others were rewarded, the mom-r-dad need your help on a project kind. And while I enjoyed some more than others, all of them served me well, on many facets.

Kathy said...

Kim, I am amazed at the effort and organization you put into your family. I would think they would notice that most families (like mine) eat a whole lot of tv dinners (ok showing my age).
My mom went on strike and made us plan and cook meals. She stopped because that still made work for her, but I think it was a good idea, and I do remember it.
My kids cook cause they want to eat something other than a tv dinner or yogurt and fruit.